77 Guiding Principles

…To Lead A More Meaningful Life

  • 1. We Are Here To Serve One Another
  • 2. Each Of Us Holds The Answer To Someone’s Prayers
  • 3. The Most Selfish Thing We Can Do Is To Be Selfless
  • 4. You Get What You Give
  • 5. The Greatest Defeat We Can Suffer Is the Distance Between What We Are And What We Can Be
  • 6. It’s Love That Acts
  • 7. To Be Real, Love Must Be Unconditional
  • 8. It Only Takes a Single Ray of Light to Penetrate the Dark
  • 9. God Is At The Heart Of Everything
  • 10. Prayer Is The Language Of The Heart

  • 11. Compassion Is Man’s Highest Attribute
  • 12. The Only Things Of Real Value In Life Are The Things That Cannot Be Replaced
  • 13. The Things Of Greatest Value In Life Are The Things We Can Share Without Diminishing By Sharing
  • 14. The More We Are Given, The More There Is That Is Required of Us
  • 15. Love Is The Essence Of The Soul
  • 16. There Are No Permanent Solutions
  • 17. The Material Is Immaterial
  • 18. Forgive And Forget
  • 19. Life Questions Man
  • 20. Nothing Of Value Can Be Accomplished Without Faith
  • 21. Man Cannot Live Without Hope
  • 22. God Rarely Gives A Truly Big Idea To Only One Person
  • 23. There Is No Distance Between Souls
  • 24. All Life Is Sacred
  • 25. God Speaks With Silence
  • 26. God Has No Religion
  • 27. When We Are Engaged In Helping Others, We Are Not So Much Conferring Favors As Canceling Debts
  • 28. The World Was Created For The Purpose Of Giving
  • 29. Nothing Of Value Can Be Accomplished Alone
  • 30. The Greatest Good We Can Do Is Not To Share Our Wealth With Others But To Reveal To Them Their Own

  • 31. No Gift Is Truly Ours Until God Has Blessed Someone Else With It Through Us
  • 32. Every Person In Our Lives Is There For A Purpose
  • 33. We Need Each Other
  • 34. What Happens To One Is Often For The Benefit Of Another
  • 35. Love Connects Us By The Deepest Part Of Ourselves
  • 36. There Is No Commandment To Like Your Neighbors
  • 37. No Matter How Great The Differences May Seem Between Us, Below and Above All Is The Eternal Fact Of Brotherhood
  • 38. Most Of The World’s Problems Result From The Absence Of Love, Love Withheld, Or Love Denied
  • 39. You Help Yourself When You Help Others
  • 40. Ego Is The Enemy

  • 41. Your Character Is Your Destiny
  • 42. You Are What You Do
  • 43. Spiritual Investments Pay The Greatest Dividends
  • 44. Risks Must Be Taken
  • 45. You Can’t Love Without Giving
  • 46. You Can’t Solve a Problem On The Same Level As It Was Created
  • 47. Love Is Love
  • 48. Every Right Implies A Responsibility
  • 49. Your Life Is Your Message
  • 50. The Means Are The Ends

  • 51. What We Think and Believe, We Do and Become
  • 52. You Will Know the Right Place By The Joy It Brings
  • 53. The Quickest Way To Improve The World Is To Start With Yourself
  • 54. More Often Than Not, We Make A Difference Not By Some Single Act Of Momentous Consequence But Rather By Small, Sustained Acts Of Caring And Compassion
  • 55. Live A Life of Limited Regrets
  • 56. The Greatest Regret In Life Is The Sense We Have Never Fully Become Ourselves
  • 57. The Greatest Gift Is To Be Able To Give
  • 58. When You Do Something Good, Write It On An Ice Cube
  • 59. Souls Are Lost in the Distance Between Doing the Right Thing and Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason
  • 60. Our Existence Is Shaped By What We Choose To Love
  • 61. All We Have Is Today
  • 62. The Future Is Now
  • 63. Adversity Introduces Us To Our True Selves
  • 64. If We Are To Grow And Thrive, We Must Draw On The Best Part Of Ourselves
  • 65. There Is A Promise In Every Pain
  • 66. The More Our Lives Are Etched By Suffering The More Compassionate We Can Become
  • 67. Despair Is Suffering Without Meaning
  • 68. There Is No Cross Love Can’t Bear
  • 69. Life is Defined by Death
  • 70. Everyone Makes a Difference

  • 71. The Only Thing That Separates Us From God Is The Belief That We Are Separate
  • 72. We Are Punished Not So Much For Our Sins As By Them
  • 73. When We Die Nothing Ends
  • 74. We Grow Toward The Light
  • 75. God Waits
  • 76. God Weeps
  • 77. What We Do With What We Have Is More Important Than What We Have

4 Responses to 77 Guiding Principles

  1. Jim B. says:

    Wonderful points. I may not agree with all, but certainly accept 90%.

  2. Bart Rice says:

    Bill, Re #11. Someone once asked the Macauleys, “What is the greatest virtue?” Bob answered, “Compassion,” Mom answered “Patience.” Great Cicero taught that the greatest virtue is Gratitude, and that all others flow from that one. Ponder on that a while and it becomes evident. How can one not be compassionate after one grasps and appreciates the blessings they have received?


  3. Bill,

    I was just introduced to your guiding principles by Tim Love. Tim has recommended that we connect. We would be honored to have you on our Life Lessons podcast or The Transformed Traveler Show.
    Feel free to email me- lifelessonsradio@gmail.com.

    Best regards,

    Rick Tocquigny

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