The Season of Thanks and Giving

‘Tis the season to celebrate the power of love.

What is the one indispensable ingredient of life and the most potent force in the universe?

What is God’s greatest gift and the only way God is manifested in the world?

Where can we find at once the solution to the problems in our lives and the problems of the world?

There is only one answer. The answer is Love.

Love is the one thing you cannot get enough of and the one thing you can never give enough of.

We receive love not in proportion to our power, possessions, or position in life, nor in correlation to our needs and desires, but only in proportion to our own capacity to love.

The only way to have love is to give it.

So long as we are loved, we are necessary to the lives of others, indispensable and immortal.

No matter what the problem is the answer will always be found when we surround it with love.

Thus it is that in loving and giving we find the meaning and purpose for our lives.

All we really need is love.

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4 Responses to The Season of Thanks and Giving

  1. Nick Walters says:

    Thanks Bill. That’s a very nice message. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all those reading.

  2. hugh jones says:

    Very good and very true.But we can not force others to love us but loving others with our heart and soul is up to each of us

  3. Neal says:

    All you need is love. That could make a good song. Happy Thanksgiving Bill. It’s a privilege to know you.

  4. AL says:


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