Spiritual Common Sense

Common sense is the term given to our shared understanding of what is fundamentally right and true. It comes from that place
where you know things you did not know you knew, understand things you cannot begin to explain. It is that ‘gut feeling’ we get that defies reason or explanation.

Common sense cannot be cultivated, learned, or logically enhanced. It simply is or is not. It is, according to Webster, a shared instinct, part of our native reasoning and basic intelligence. “In an uncommon degree,” Samuel Taylor Coleridge adds, “common sense is what the world calls wisdom.”

Spiritual Common Sense is the wisdom of the soul. It is drawn from a wide body of knowledge that is rooted in the common heritage and experience of man. The guiding principles that emerge and follow resonate with our own innate sense of what is good and right, just and true, sacred and holy. They are part of the great river of truth that flows through the heart of us all.

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