Mother Teresa’s Metaphor


Mother Teresa gave us a valuable metaphor for life.

“When you look at the inner workings of electrical things,” she said, “often you see small and big wires – new and old, cheap and expensive – lined up.  Until the current passes through them, there is no light.”

She believed we are like those wires – intertwined and interconnected, strung across the span of space and time, radiating God’s love.  Some are larger than others and have greater capacity.  Some will travel a greater distance and support a greater load, but all have power and all are connected to the same source of energy.  Each of us contributes to the light of the world.

The world is a better and brighter place each time we are thoughtful, each time we are kind, each time we seek to help or heal, each time we care.  The light dims every time we turn our backs and walk away.  The light dies with every act of love lost in indifference.

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