Love One Another


There is a lesson mankind has long been taught but yet to fully learn.  From generation to generation, from Moses to Mohammed, Jesus to Buddha, Gandhi, King, Mother Teresa, Mandela and the rest, we are reminded:

We are here to love one another.

Love is a verb.  It is not a passive state, but an active force.

Love is the one thing you cannot get enough of and the one thing you can never give enough of.

 We receive love not in proportion to our power, possessions, or position in life, nor in correlation to our needs and desires, but only in proportion to our own capacity to love. 

The only way to have love is to give it.

No matter what the problem is the answer will always be found when we surround it with love.

Thus it is that in loving and giving we find the meaning and purpose for our lives.

All we really need is love.

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