Heart Break at Sandy Hook

UnknownHow many times can the heart break?

Once for every child killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Once for each of their parents.

Once for the children who survived but will have lives forever marked by this event.

Again for the six families that lost a father, mother, brother or sister.

And, yes, once more for the 20-year-old who leaves this day as his legacy.

As this is written, we still don’t know exactly what happened.  In truth, we may never know all of it.  Yet, on another level we already know everything that matters.

We know this is not an isolated event.  We know it is part of the fundamental test of humanity – the battle between love and hate.  It is as old as the Stone Age and as current as the acrimony reflected in our Presidential election and the conflicts in the Middle East.

There is nothing we can do for those in Sandy Hook.  There is no way to unwind this tragic day and make them whole.  There is something we can do to address the culture of hate and violence.  We can fight hate with love.  We can choose to add love to the world wherever and whenever possible.

Tonight, I will hug my son as long as he will allow.  I will hold on to my wife.  We will talk about our blessings and remind ourselves how fortunate we are.  We will pray for those whose hearts may never heal.

Tomorrow, I will begin again.

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2 Responses to Heart Break at Sandy Hook

  1. Peter a says:

    I am struck by the cumulative effect each one of these events has on me. I didn’t realize how relatively numb I was until this incident. Like tiny cracks that form on a dam until something causes the water to push through. I am so profoundly sad.

    Thank you for your words.


  2. Bill,

    You are always an inspiration. Love to you, Angie and Will.

    Merry Christmas!

    Love and hugs,


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