God Weeps

There is a piece in each of us that is God’s piece. In some, that piece is nurtured and grows until it encompasses the sum of their being. In others, it diminishes with neglect and denial until it nearly disappears.

God’s piece is the part we call our humanity. ┬áThis is the piece that responds with care and compassion. This is the part that reaches out with kindness and concern. This is the part that weeps each time we choose comfort over concern.

God weeps when we see and do not act, hear and do not respond.

God weeps when we turn our backs, close our doors, and live apart.

God weeps at the way we offend nature.

God weeps at man’s inhumanity to man.

God weeps at our preoccupation with the material means to an end without considering the spiritual end for which the means were designed.

God weeps when we are unfaithful to Him and when we lose faith in ourselves.

God weeps at our arrogance, aggression, and indifference.

God weeps at our carelessness and apathy.

God weeps at every self-centered act that focuses on our needy grasping selves and every act of ego that takes us further away from Him.

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2 Responses to God Weeps

  1. hugh Jones says:

    Bill always hits the nail on the head.God,Please give us peace.

  2. AL LAWING says:

    Bill: This list shows how little we know about our God. Every one of us need to read the
    scriptures and seek to know Him. He awaits our prayers and the recognition of him in
    our daily life. God is always available to everyone who seeks Him!
    Thanks for reminding us of how little the world seeks his wonderful mercy.
    Al Lawing

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