Father’s Day

I distinctly remember the moment I looked down and saw my father’s hand coming out of my sleeve.  Until then, I had always thought I was my Mother’s son.   Since then, I have found myself thinking I am becoming more and more like my Dad every day.

Is it the age, I wonder – me catching up on the staggered track of life – or does it have more to do with the fact that I am now a Father myself?  More and more I find myself saying the things he used to say, doing the things he used to do, and marveling at how much smarter he seems now than he was then.

My father was a strong man, dynamic, and dramatic.  A man of firm conviction, he expressed his opinions frequently and forcefully.  For him, everything was monochromatic, black or white, right or wrong.  There were no shades of grey or extenuating circumstances.

He walked into harm’s way daily for 20 years to put food on our table and seemed fearless until the day I came home with 7 stitches in my lip and blood covering my shirt.  Before I could tell him what happened, he erupted like a volcano.

I remember the moment clearly because it was one of those ‘aha’ moments.  My first reaction was – “Why is he yelling at me?”   Then I realized he wasn’t yelling at me.  He was yelling for me.  He was yelling because he was afraid – not for himself, but for his son.

More than anything my Dad wanted me to get an education.  At first I thought it was because this was something he had been denied.  Now I know it had more to do with a Father’s desire to see a son reach his highest possibilities.  My son taught me that lesson.

Daily for 18 years and change, I have watched my son grow.  There is no way to describe the delight I take in seeing him discovers who he is meant to be and what he is capable of doing.

All will win, my father would say.  All will lose.  Win or lose take you best shot, let the chips fall where they may.  Get up and go on.  Never give up.

Win, lose, or draw, always try to do better, always try to make things better.  Remember it is when we are tested that our true character is revealed.

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6 Responses to Father’s Day

  1. Fotini Halamandaris Vidalis says:

    I just love reading whatever you post. This one is exceptional and so touching!

  2. Daniel Horgan says:

    Great post for Father’s Day — thank you for your inspiring and reflective words!

  3. Marian Sprague says:

    Happy Father’s Day, Bill. Another great post.

  4. Jules says:

    What an amazing story, as you always do share. Brings me into the present to be grateful for every single day. Today, especially, for my father and my brothers who are fathers. I know you are a great Dad, Bill. All the best to you, Angie and Will. And Happy Father’s Day to you! xo Jules

  5. Tom Cline says:

    Thanks for this lovely message, Bill. Happy Father’s Day to you and to your father.

  6. Al and Paulette Lawing says:

    It was a wonderful day sharing Fathers Day with you, my daughter’s husband, and Will my grandson. I am so proud of my family and wish all of you the very best in life, with a father
    so devoted to his Family.

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