A Manifesto for the Moment


Sometimes you have to say something:

  • I believe that love is stronger than hate.
  • I believe faith is stronger than fear.
  • I believe hope is stronger than despair.
  • I believe in the fundamental goodness of mankind.

Sometimes you have to do something:

  • While I cannot do everything, I can do something. I will not let the fact I can’t do everything keep me from doing the something I can.
  • I can touch one.  I can teach one.  I can heal one.
  • I can speak truth to power.
  • I can be an instrument of peace.
  • I can be the light in the darkness.

Sometimes you have to believe something:

  • I believe mankind is indivisible.
  • I believe we get what we give.
  • I believe you cannot help another without helping yourself.
  • I believe you cannot hurt another without hurting yourself.
  • I believe the better angels of our nature always rise.
  • I believe it only takes a single ray of light to penetrate the dark.
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